1) Make those hot showers quick!

Although a hot shower feels wonderful, a long, hot shower is terrible for your skin. Too long in the heat breaks down the fatty acids in the skin that lock in moisture and leave it dry. Try to be in the shower for no more than 15 minutes or turn the heat down a bit to save your skin.

2) moisturizer
Dry and blotchy skin is a major problem in the winter season. Moisturizers play a vital role when it comes to winter skin care. Before the shower it is recommended to use body oil, it can hydrate the skin and protect it for the warm bath, after the shower, moisturize the skin is very important, apply a moisturizer on the face and body.

3) sunscreen

It sounds crazy, I know, you thought sunscreen was reserved for those lucky women who were still in bikinis on the beach. Is not true! Just because you can’t feel your toes doesn’t mean UVA and UVB rays don’t reach your skin. Especially when reflected off all that snow, the sun’s rays can still be very damaging! Now, I’m not saying you should lather your entire body with SPF 60 every day, but try to choose a moisturizer or foundation with at least SPF 30. This will keep your skin intact and reduce the incidence of wrinkles.

4) hair treatments with oil

When hair is exposed to the elements, it often becomes dry and brittle. For a little boost, use a warm olive or coconut oil mask on your hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with shampoo! A cheap and easy solution to those winter curls!

So if the weather outside is terrible, its beauty can be just as luscious. Follow some of these tips to stay radiant all winter long.

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