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kitchen cleaning service in bangalore

Kitchen is said to be the heart of your house where you prepare tasty and healthy food for your family. Because of the busy schedule you may often fail to clean your kitchen. To keep your kitchen clean in this busy time its best to hire Colour Pot professionals for Kitchen Cleaning Services In Bangalore

Figuring Out, When You Should Book Kitchen Cleaning Services In Bangalore?

  • Every month to ensure your kitchen is free from dirt and stains
  • Before shifting into a new house
  • After a home renovation
  • Before or after a house party

Why Colour Pot?

  • Colour Pot is filled with experts who provide high quality services to its customers. Don’t worry about the cleaning solution, Colour Pot professional will ensure that they use only the best industry-grade cleaning solutionsOur cleaning experts are trained on the care and treatment of different materials used in home kitchens.
  • We offer kitchen deep cleaning service at very reasonable rates which helps our customers to easily avail our services more frequently    

Our kitchen cleaning service includes

  • Removal of grime from the highest (shelf tops and chimney pipe)
  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Kitchen chimney cleaning including baffles
  • Kitchen-top scrubbing, stain and grease removal
  • Kitchen wall scrubbing
  • Kitchen furniture cleaning – inside (only if shelves are emptied) and out
  • Kitchen furniture polishing with wood cleaning and de-greasing solutions
  • Window mesh and channel cleaning
  • Kitchen floor cleaning with acid-based cleaners
kitchen deep cleaning service in bangalore
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